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Public access to Allentown criminal records is generally allowed. However, there are exceptions. Records related to ongoing cases or those involving juvenile offenders will be restricted. Certain state laws also restrict access to particular types of criminal records, such as those that have been sealed or expunged.

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Local Criminal Record Systems In Allentown PA

Allentown Police Department
425 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: (610) 437-7751
Police & Accident Reports

Common Pleas – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
455 W Hamilton St, Rm 122 Allentown, PA 18101
Web Search
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magisterial District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
Web Search

Lehigh County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO)
455 Hamilton St #110, Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: (610) 782-3175
Sex Offender Search

Allentown Court Records

Many criminal court record databases exist. Here are the most popular:

  • Federal Court Records Database: Covers all federal criminal cases, consisting of white-collar crimes, drug offenses, and terrorist activities.
  • State Court Records Database: Contains information on state criminal cases, including violent acts, sexual offenses, and DUI/DWI offenses.
  • County Court Records Database: Holds records of county criminal cases, ranging from domestic violence and traffic offenses.
  • Local Court Records Database: Information on local Allentown criminal cases, recording offenses like public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and trespassing.

Allentown Police Records

Public police records are indispensable when investigating someone’s Allentown criminal history. They often encompass details of arrests, charges, and convictions. To use these records:
1. Figure out where they are stored. Numerous are offered online via state or local police websites.
2. Decide on the specific details you need, such as arrests, charges, etc.
3. Gather the required identifying information and request forms for your search.

Arrest Reports

Access to arrest records is generally unrestricted, implying anyone can view them. Most local arrests end up in a local Allentown jail, so checking local law enforcement websites is the first step. If a database isn’t available, make a formal request.

Inmate Profiles

To discover somebody’s Allentown criminal history through inmate records, check with the state corrections department or the county sheriff for information on existing inmates.

Classifications of Criminal Records:


While minor, infractions in Allentown PA can have repercussions, ranging from probation to fines. Regardless of their lower intensity than other criminal activities, infractions can still result in repercussions.


Allentown misdemeanors, though less extreme than felonies, can incur penalties like fines or short-term jail time. Common misdemeanors include petty theft, simple assault, and disorderly conduct.
While misdemeanors are less grave than felonies, they can still result in a long-lasting criminal record, potentially affecting one’s life.

Allentown Felony Records

States maintain centralized repositories for criminal records. Accessing these records might be difficult, sometimes necessitating participation in the court system. To check for Allentown felony charges against someone, contact local police or the county courthouse.

Reports of Sexual Offenders In Allentown

Numerous resources exist to confirm entries in your state’s sex offender registry. The U.S. Department of Justice handles the National Sex Offender Public Website, a renowned platform that lets users browse an up-to-date database of sex offenders.
Local Allentown police, such as police departments and sheriffs, will likewise maintain registries for their jurisdiction.

Allentown Dui and Dwi Cases

In the U.S., there’s a difference between DUI (driving under influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated). Mostly, Allentown DUI charges are imposed versus those hindered by alcohol, while DWI charges frequently relate to drugs.

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