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An arrest warrant in Bucks County PA is a legal document that gives the police the right to arrest and hold someone.
Warrants have two purposes:
1) To make sure that people suspected of doing something illegal are brought before a judge, and
2) To protect people’s rights against illegal searches and seizures.
A judge issues a warrant, which must provide a reason for the arrest (e.g., probable cause). Once the warrant is issued, the police can carry it out, which usually means going to the person’s home or place of work to arrest them.

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Bucks County Warrant Search Tools.

Bucks County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO Warrant Search)
100 N Main St #4318, Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: (215) 348-6124
Criminal Warrants Division: (215) 348-6126
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Crime Watch
Most Wanted

Bristol Township Police Department
2501 Bath Rd, Bristol, PA 19007
Phone: (215) 785-4040

Common Pleas – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
100 N Main St Doylestown, PA 18901
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magisterial District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)

Online Access To Warrants In Bucks County

The public can search warrant records online in a few different ways when doing a Bucks County warrant search.
One way is to use an online commercial database that gathers public records from all 50 states. You can use these databases to look for criminal and other public records from all over the country.
The other way is to use official state or county databases where the warrant was issued. Some states and counties make their warrants available online, but not all.

Court Records Are Open To The Public

You can use court databases to look for a warrant in Bucks County PA. But it’s important to remember that these databases are location-based, so a warrant issued in another jurisdiction will show up.

List Of Arrest Warrants For The Sheriff Of Bucks County

The public can also request records of a warrant from the Bucks County sheriff. You will need to have some identifying information they can use to compare to their warrant database.

Bucks County Bench Warrants

If a person has an outstanding Bucks County bench warrant, the police will arrest them if they come into contact with them.
A bench warrant is a court order made for people who missed their court date.

Bucks County Arrest Warrants

A judge has to sign off on an arrest warrant, which gives the police the right to arrest a suspect and bring them into custody.
Getting an arrest warrant starts when police find evidence that a crime was committed and the suspect did it.
Then, this evidence is given to a judge, who will look it over and decide if there is a good reason to think the suspect did the crime. If the judge finds a good reason to do so, they will issue a Bucks County arrest warrant.

Warrant To Catch A Fugitive

The jurisdiction where the crime happened will issue a fugitive warrant for the person’s arrest if the suspect decides to go on the run.
When the person is arrested, they will be transported back to the area where the warrant was issued.

Search Warrant

If the Bucks County police went into a person’s house without a warrant, they could be accused of trespassing, or the evidence they gathered cant be used in court.
People who are suspected of committing crimes have rights that are protected by search warrants. Without a warrant or a special circumstance, the police have no right to search someone’s home.

Free Warrant Lookups in Bucks County

All outstanding warrants in a Bucks County will be available to the local courts and law enforcement agencies.
In some cases, the agencies post this information online for free; in other cases, a special request must be made.

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