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A warrant in Centre County PA is an order from a court permitting law enforcement to arrest someone or undertake a search.
Warrants are only issued when the police have probable cause to think that a crime has been committed, that evidence of the crime will be discovered, or that the arrested individual is related to a crime.
A warrant is a potent investigative instrument for law enforcement.

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Centre County Warrant Search Tools.

Centre County Sheriff’s Department (CCSO Warrant Search)
213 E High St, Bellefonte, PA 16823
Phone: (814) 355-6803

State College Police Department
243 S Allen St #337, State College, PA 16801
Phone: (814) 234-7150

Common Pleas – Criminal/Civil (Felony, Misdemeanor)
102 S Allegheny St Bellefonte, PA 16823
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magisterial District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)

Online Access To Warrants In Centre County

The quickest approach to finding warrants is to visit a county or state’s public record website with a database of relevant information when doing a Centre County warrant search.
These databases may be available at the state, county, and even local city levels.

Court Records Are Open To The Public

You’ll want to search Centre County court databases for warrant information. You can do this by visiting the court’s website that issued the warrant. Once you have discovered the correct court, verify if they have an online database.
Once you’ve discovered a search portal, you may search for warrants by case number, name, or other information. Once you’ve discovered the warrant record you’re searching for, you’ll be able to look at the specifics of the warrant.

List Of Arrest Warrants For The Sheriff Of Centre County

If you want to receive warrant documents from the Centre County police department, there are a few procedures you’ll need to follow. First, you will need to file a formal request for the records. The request must be made in writing and can be filed online, by mail, or in person.

Centre County Bench Warrants

A judge or court can issue a bench warrant for detaining a person who did not attend a court hearing.
If you have an outstanding Centre County bench warrant, you should take care of the matter quickly to avoid arrest.

Centre County Arrest Warrants

A warrant for someone’s arrest is a document that allows law enforcement to take someone into custody if they are accused of committing a crime.
For a Centre County arrest warrant to be issued, there must be a rationale to think that the individual has committed a crime. This “probable cause” might be based on a witness’s narrative, physical proof, or a confession. Once the warrant is issued, law enforcement can arrest the person.

Warrant To Catch A Fugitive

A fugitive warrant can be issued by the court in which jurisdiction a criminal violation took place. This warrant compels law enforcement agencies across the county and state boundaries to work together to bring the fugitive back to face justice.

Search Warrant

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects persons against government searches and seizures that are not fair. This amendment indicates that police must have a strong basis to suspect a crime has been committed before they can search.
To secure a Centre County search warrant, officers must go to a court and demonstrate that they have a reasonable basis to suspect a search will discover evidence of a crime.

Free Warrant Lookups in Centre County

The easiest way to complete a free Centre County warrant check is to use public records databases supplied by states, counties, and localities. The manner in which public records are displayed will differ from one jurisdiction to another.

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