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Criminal records in Delaware County PA are indispensable tools for law enforcement officials and the public. They provide insights into an individual’s convictions, arrests, and particular details of their criminal activities.

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Local Crime Record Systems In Delaware County PA

Common Pleas – Criminal/Civil (Felony, Misdemeanor)
201 W Front St Media, PA 19063
Criminal Search
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magisterial District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
Web Search

Delaware County Sheriffs Office (DCSO)
201 W Front St, Media, PA 19063
Phone: (610) 891-4296
Public Access
Sex Offender Search

Chester Police Department
160 E 7th St, Chester, PA 19013
Phone: (610) 447-7931

Delaware County Court Records

To access criminal records, check the courthouse in the county where the crime transpired. Since lawsuits are public records, accessing them should be straightforward. At the courthouse, the Delaware County clerk can direct you to the relevant records.

Delaware County Police Records

To acquire police records for Delaware County criminal history checks, you have two options:
1. Use the Freedom of Information Act to procure records from relevant authorities.
2. Engage a private enterprise or private investigator concentrating such records.

Arrest Reports

While arrest records are publicly accessible in many states, it does not mean they will be quickly located. The search can sometimes be challenging because the the person might have arrest records in multiple locations.

Inmate Profiles

To verify Delaware County inmate records:

  • Begin by figuring out the facility or area they are in.
  • After you have the area, determine if you need to search prisons or jails. If unknow, check both.

Classifications of Criminal Records:


While background checks generally focus on criminal records in Delaware County PA, they sometimes neglect infractions. These are usually minor infractions, not deemed as serious as criminal offenses.


Delaware County misdemeanor records are public, and there are numerous avenues to access them. The court system is the most simple resource, giving public ease of access to these records.

Delaware County Felony Records

Felony offenses in Delaware County PA represent the most serious criminal activities. Such criminal offenses call for penalties, consisting of prison. In certain states, felonies may even have a death penalty.
Felonies cover a broad spectrum, with varied penalties depending on the offense, with murder, burglary, and theft being among the most common.

Reports of Sexual Offenders In Delaware County

If you are concerned about possible sex offenders in Delaware County, you can:
1. Approach your local law enforcement agency for a database of registered sex offenders.
2. Consult the nationwide sex offender registry on the U.S. Department of Justice’s website.

Delaware County Dui and Dwi Cases

DUI is a criminal offense. In Delaware County PA and the U.S., it’s normally categorized as a misdemeanor, possibly resulting in driver’s license suspension, among other penalties.

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