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Individuals request Luzerne County criminal records for different reasons, but it is mostly done to vet others. Several resources exist to get somebody’s criminal record, such as working with law enforcement or the county courthouse.

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Local Criminal Record Systems In Luzerne County PA

Common Pleas – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
200 N River St, 2nd Fl Wilkes Barre, PA 18711
Web Search
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magisterial District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
Web Search

Luzerne County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO)
200 N River St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
Phone: (570) 825-1651
Records Facility
Open Government Portal
Sex Offender Search

Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department
150 Watson St, Wilkes-Barre Township, PA 18702
Phone: (570) 208-4635
Records & Reports

Luzerne County Court Records

To establish if somebody has Luzerne County criminal convictions, you can consult court records. While these are normally available to the general public, limitations can arise.
Getting such records necessitates having the person’s name and the court where the case occurred.

Luzerne County Police Records

If you’re looking for police records, multiple options exist. Depending upon the nature of the Luzerne County criminal history check, you may get records from your sheriff/police department or may need to approach state or federal agencies. Generally, records can be requested from the department’s website.

Arrest Reports

Arrest records, accessible to the public, can provide insights into an individual’s history of arrests. For those unfamiliar with the retrieval process, the preliminary step involves checking the local Luzerne County sheriff’s website for a database of recent arrests. If one isn’t available, make a formal submission.

Inmate Profiles

Inmate records are important when performing criminal background checks and providing information about an individual’s incarceration past. Local Luzerne County jails, state DOCs, and federal prisons should be considered to access these records.

Classifications of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Luzerne County PA, considered less severe than misdemeanors or felonies, generally lead to fines. Common offenses are going to be traffic-related, like speeding.


Misdemeanors in Luzerne County PA, perceived as less severe than felonies, will have milder penalties.

Luzerne County Felony Records

Felony convictions relate to serious criminal offenses, attracting stiffer penalties than misdemeanors. These include prolonged prison terms, larger fines, and more severe consequences.

Reports of Sexual Offenders In Luzerne County

It’s crucial to ascertain if someone is a registered Luzerne County sex offender. To do this, one can consult local sex offender databases or registries. For assistance, reaching out to local law enforcement is recommended.

Luzerne County Dui and Dwi Cases

A Luzerne County DUI conviction will be a misdemeanor in most areas. Penalties for a DUI conviction can encompass jail time, fines, and the suspension or revocation of one’s driving license.

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