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Many believe that only police or private investigators have access to Washington County criminal records. However, citizens may have legitimate reasons to review somebody’s criminal history and do. Here are some reasons:

  • Looking For Registered Sex Offenders: This is particularly crucial for parents who want to know if registered sex offenders are nearby. The nationwide sex offender registry permits searches by name.
  • Figuring Out a Violent History: Before dating somebody, you may want to confirm if they have any history of violence.
  • Child Safety: Before entrusting someone with your kids, a background check can be done by checking for red flags.
  • Validating Specialist Credentials: When working with professionals, ensuring they are accredited and can be trusted is prudent. A background check can reveal many things.

Local Criminal Record Systems In Washington County PA

Common Pleas – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
1 S Main St, #1005 Washington, PA 15301
Web Search
On Location Lookup – Yes

Magisterial District Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
Web Search

Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO)
100 W Beau St # 303, Washington, PA 15301
Phone: (724) 228-6840
Public Records
Sex Offender Search

Washington Police Department
56 W Strawberry Ave, Washington, PA 15301
Phone: (724) 223-4226

Washington County Court Records

Court records are a main source for discovering someone’s Washington County criminal history. Availability might be online or in-person, depending upon the jurisdiction. To access these, first identify the court where the individual was tried, then check that court for the records. While the procedure can be lengthy, it’s direct access from the source.

Washington County Police Records

Police records can also be useful, from identifying missing individuals to tracking fugitives in Washington County PA. Many of these records are confidential and not publicly available, especially with ongoing cases. To access the public ones, a written request is typically needed.

Arrest Reports

There are different avenues to access arrest records, including directly requesting them from the Washington County sheriff or police. Recent arrests can sometimes be found on the sheriff’s website.

Inmate Profiles

There can be numerous reasons to check for Washington County public inmate records – whether to verify someone or just out of sheer curiosity. While these records can be found online, their exact database can be difficult to find. All counties have their own databases handled by the Washington County sheriff or police. And state DOCs manage prison record databases.

Classifications of Criminal Records:


A Washington County infraction is a minor offense, normally leading to a fine, and is considered a lesser charge than misdemeanors or felonies. While “infractions” frequently entail traffic violations, they can likewise be other offenses, such as loitering or environmental violations.


Misdemeanors are classified into violent and non-violent types. Violent misdemeanors include physical injury or its risk, like assault or domestic violence. Non-violent misdemeanors, on the other hand, include offenses like trespassing or petty theft. While all Washington County misdemeanors are considerable, violent ones normally draw in sterner penalties.

Washington County Felony Records

Examining Washington County felony records in criminal background screenings is important due to the seriousness related to felonies. Felonies typically come with extended prison sentences and considerable penalties. Reviewing these records can assist in determining if an individual has engaged in severe or violent criminal activities.

Reports of Sexual Offenders In Washington County

The Sex Offender Database is instrumental in monitoring local Washington County sex offenders. Updated routinely, this tool aids in staying informed about prospective threats in your area. Searches can be performed utilizing names, addresses, or other identifiers.

Washington County Dui and Dwi Cases

A DUI charge in Washington County PA on your record could hinder certain opportunities in life. Convictions may necessitate court-ordered programs or education. Penalties can range from license suspension and fines to jail time, with repeat offenders facing increased severity.

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