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To create a safer environment for your household, performing a York County criminal record check can be beneficial. It provides insight into an individual’s criminal history, making it important when considering a babysitter.

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Local Criminal Record Systems In York County PA

Common Pleas – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
45 N George St York, PA 17401
Web Search
On Location Lookup – Yes

York County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO)
45 N George St, York, PA 17401
Phone: (717) 771-9601
Warrant Search Portal
Sex Offender Search

York City Police Department
50 W King St, York, PA 17401
Phone: (717) 846-1234
Record Request

York County Court Records

In many jurisdictions, court records are public, allowing anybody to view or request them. However, access may be limited based on the type of information or the requester; for instance, juvenile court records will be off-limits to the public in York County PA.

York County Police Records

Access to police records is typically done through a York County public record request. One can visit the local sheriff/police to request these records or email a request form.

Arrest Reports

The sheriff’s office maintains local York County arrest records because it operates most jails. Many of their website have an online database with recent arrests.

Inmate Profiles

If you’re doing a York County criminal record check or investigation, inmate records can be valuable. These public records, managed by correctional facilities throughout local, state, and federal levels, can mostly be accessed online. Each organization has its own process for sharing these records with the public.

Classifications of Criminal Records:


Traffic infractions in York County PA, such as speeding, running red lights, or not using a blinker, are minor law violations typically resulting in fines rather than incarceration. Non-traffic infractions incorporate offenses like littering, trespassing, or disorderly conduct, which usually result in fines.


Misdemeanors in York County PA can incur penalties ranging from fines to as much as a year in jail, depending on the offense’s gravity. For example, shoplifting may result in a fine without any jail sentence.

York County Felony Records

To uncover York County felony records, one can explore the court system, the state police department, or online resources. The most common way is the court system, specifically through the clerk of courts at the county where the offense occurred.

Reports of Sexual Offenders In York County

If you’re uneasy about prospective sex offenders in York County PA, you can access these details through your local sheriff’s department or use the National Sex Offender Registry online.

York County Dui and Dwi Cases

In all states and York County PA, DUI records are publicly available. Some anomalies arise; certain states may seal DUI records after a set duration or if the offender undergoes diversion programs. However, for the most part, those interested can view these records.

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